Metropolitan Cathedral

The mission and purpose of Metropolitan Cathedral within the African Episcopal Church align with the principles of Afrocentric spirituality, rooted in faith in Yahusha HaMaschiach (Jesus the Christ), seeking to serve the greater African Diaspora in spiritual, educational, historical, emotional, and practical dimensions. In our pursuit of this mission, we aspire to:
Metropolitan Cathedral aspires to be a beacon of hope for all people of God who have endured centuries of ostracism, oppression, abuse, and exploitation. We stand united in our commitment to providing solace, healing, and a sanctuary for those who have faced the challenges of the past five centuries.
Our mission includes offering a source of accurate historical and educational truth, countering the impact of distorted narratives, and westernized lies that have stolen the history, national identity, bloodline, birthright, and heritage of our community. Metropolitan Cathedral endeavors to be a space where the truth is unveiled, and the richness of our cultural heritage is reclaimed.
Metropolitan Cathedral is dedicated to establishing and maintaining Afrocentric restoration centers, embodied in our churches. These centers serve as sacred spaces where families and communities can find spiritual nourishment, cultural affirmation, and a sense of belonging. Through worship, fellowship, and community engagement, these centers become vital hubs for Afrocentric restoration.
Recognizing the unique needs of our local and regional community in Louisville, KY, Metropolitan Cathedral is committed to identifying and addressing these specific challenges. Through targeted outreach programs, collaborative partnerships, and community initiatives, we aim to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those within our immediate vicinity. By focusing on the needs of our local and regional community, Metropolitan Cathedral seeks to contribute to the growth, well-being, and empowerment of the people in Louisville, KY.