Metropolitan Cathedral

The Metropolitan Cathedral is located in Louisville, KY. We invite you to join us in praise, prayer and worship as we celebrate our Lord and Savior Yahusha Maschiach (Jesus Christ), and all of the many and abundant blessings He bestows upon us.
We are an active, vibrant, living community of faith and love, proclaiming the Gospel of Yahusha Maschiach, and uniting the three streams of Christendom. We are active in the Convergence Movement, melding together in one cohesive body.
If you are without a church-home, we invite you to unite with us as we build and grow this wonderful and dynamic inner-city fellowship of believers. You will find that we are a Caring + Committed + Friendly + Sincere group of believers.
Metropolitan Cathedral is an African Episcopal Church. Therefore, we share in the mission and ministry of the AEC on a worldwide basis. 
The mission of the African Episcopal Church is as follows:
Our mission is to unite the people of God who have been scattered to the four corners of the earth and unite as one body, one people under the banner of Yahusha HaMeschiach (Jesus the Christ), who is our only Lord and Savior.
African Liturgy:
At Metropolitan Cathedral we follow the standard liturgical year. Like all churches that are a part of the one, holy, catholic (universal) and apostolic church, we begin our liturgical year with the season of Advent, which is the season of anticipation as we welcome the arrival of our infant king.  
The Celebration of the liturgy at Metropolitan Cathedral encompasses both standard liturgical and Afrocentric dynamics, which are embraced within the African Episcopal Church. There are minor unique customs that you will not find in other liturgical churches.