Metropolitan Cathedral

Embracing Afrocentric Spirituality at Metropolitan Cathedral

A Tapestry of Faith and Culture

Metropolitan Cathedral, rooted in the rich soil of the African Episcopal Church, proudly bears the tapestry of Afrocentric spirituality. Our heritage is a celebration of the vibrant traditions, resilient spirit, and profound wisdom that define the African diaspora. As we gather under the sacred roof of Metropolitan Cathedral, we honor our unique heritage and weave it into the very fabric of our worship and community life.

Connecting Past and Present

As we celebrate our heritage, we recognize the importance of connecting the past with the present. Metropolitan Cathedral is not just a place of worship; it is a living legacy that continues to evolve, embracing the beauty of Afrocentric spirituality in a contemporary context. Our commitment to justice, equality, and community empowerment reflects the enduring values that have shaped our journey.

The Soulful Rhythms of Worship

Step into Metropolitan Cathedral, and you’ll experience worship that resonates with the soulful rhythms of Afrocentric spirituality. Our services are a harmonious blend of traditional Christian liturgy and the dynamic expressions of African cultural heritage. From jubilant gospel choirs to the rhythmic beats of drums, each worship experience is an invitation to connect with the divine through the lens of our Afrocentric identity.

Cultural Celebrations

Throughout the year, Metropolitan Cathedral hosts cultural celebrations that honor the heritage of the African diaspora. From vibrant Kwanzaa festivities to soul-stirring Juneteenth commemorations, these events are a testament to our commitment to preserving and celebrating our cultural roots. They are also an opportunity for the wider community to join us in the joyous expressions of Afrocentric spirituality.

Join Us on this Spiritual Odyssey...

Whether you are a long-time member or a visitor curious to explore the depths of Afrocentric spirituality, the Metropolitan Cathedral welcomes you. Come, be a part of our spiritual odyssey as we continue to honor our heritage, celebrate our shared identity, and draw strength from the wellspring of Afrocentric spirituality.