Lay Reader Ministry

Lay Readers are men and women, both young and old, from diverse backgrounds that have a significant voluntary but consecrated role in assisting the church’s ministry. Lay Readers also do some of the same activities as clergy or engage in preaching, planning/conducting worship services. Lay Readers primarily function as worship leaders under the direction of a priest. At Metropolitan Cathedral our lay people are encouraged to take upon them responsibilities of service and leadership. There is a level of responsibility, commitment, and training required from all Lay Readers, which calls for consistency and increases accountability for their ministry. Our Licensed Lay Readers are authorized to assist the Clergy during worship services by performing such functions as reading lessons, assisting in administering the chalice, leading the Prayers of the People, sharing leadership in and planning for public worship services.

Cathedral Choir Ministry

The Cathedral Choir combines all of the Choirs of the Cathedral into one Mass Choir. Those who are not active in the other choirs are welcome to join the Cathedral Choir.

Judah Choir Ministry

The Judah Choir is responsible for leading the congregation in praise and worship during scheduled services of the Church. To join this music ministry of the Church you must be able to sing with others, take direction, harmonize and learn complex worship songs.